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Le standard de 4x12 - Avis Marshall 1960B [1990-Current]

The Marshall 1960b cabinet is the straight front 4x12 that they have been making for many years. It's a very common cab to find on stages around the world and it is widely praised for it's fantastic tone with a wide variety of different amps as well as different speakers. It has traditionally been paired with the matching 1960a angled front cabinet to create the iconic full stack that we all know and love. It has been the benchmark for 4x12 designs for a long time and until the sudden popularity of thicker sounding cabs like Mesa or Orange, this cab was used for every style of music from classic rock to thrash metal and everything in between. It sounds great with many different sets of speakers. Using Vintage 30s with this cab gives it a great midrange voice that is ideal for lead players or people after a more full sound. Conversly, using it with T75s scoops out the mids and beefs up the lows and highs to give a really radical tonality that is ideal for metal. I don't find this cab to sound as thick as a Mesa 4x12 or an Orange but it sacrifices that low end heft for a lighter weight and a slightly airier tone that is ideal for more British voiced rigs. It can do modern styles but may not have the low end that some players desire for modern tones. However ivfeel that it's a great all rounder cabinet and all inall I can see why Marshall has sold so many of these over the years. They look killer, have a reasonable weight and price, sound great and take well to a variety of different musical styles. Definitely worth a look if you need a good straight front 4x12!