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Avis de FP User - E-MU SP-12 Turbo

I don't really use much of the features on it. I sequence it from my PC running Cubase. One thing to remember: When you tune your samples and have them the way you like them, the tuning will NOT be saved with the sounds. If you're sequencing from the SP-12 then you don't have to worry, the tuning will be saved in each sequence the sounds are used in, but if you are sequencing from some outside device, MAKE ONE SEQUENCE ONCE YOUR SAMPLES ARE TUNED THE WAY YOU LIKE THEM, AND JUST HIT EACH SAMPLE BUTTON ONE AT A TIME. This will make a sequence containing your current tuning, which you can save. When you load it up, you can use that sequence to re-tune all your samples by ear. Annoying? Yes, but I guess that's the price you pay for that sound...

Price paid: $449 USD


Very easy. Didn't require much reading from the manual to use it. Some people might find the memory limitation to be a bit annoying for chopping up samples, but once again, it's the price you pay for that sound.


This really is the one and only reason to buy one. It's got that grit that you just don't get with new equipment. Sample in some kicks and snares from vinyl fast + tune em down = hip hop at its grittiest and finest.


Built like a tank. I doubt many devices today are built with the kind of durability in mind that E-mu's designers did.

I will get another one if this one dies. It IS that missing ingredient I needed in my setup. I'll never get rid of it.

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Posted by: BigRyan ( 7-, 2005)