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Avis de moosers - Yamaha VSS-200

The Yamaha VSS-200 is a unique digital synthesizer and sampler.  It has a built in microphone that you can use to record things and play it back using the keyboard.  It also has standard patches and sounds which are quite cheesy!  The keyboard is fully polyphonic and doesn't have anything like pitch or modulation wheels.


Although I haven't gotten too in depth with the Yamaha VSS-200, using it for its basic features is quite easy.  There are a lot of in depth things you can do with your samples, but I only used it for simple sampling and playback, which was all I really wanted to use it for.  I've never seen a manual for the VSS-200, but if you are looking to get really in depth with this synth it wouldn't hurt to have one around as they are easily found in digital format.


While I can't say that the sound quality of the patches is anything more than cheesy, the sampling features are what really set the Yamaha VSS-200 apart from the crowd.  The built in microphone makes it easy to record samples, and it has a ton of features available for manipulating this sound further.  You can get some really funny sounds by recording your voice and playing it up and down the keyboard, as it will transpose the sample!  It's really very fun to play around with, but I'm not much into sampling so I could only take the sound possibilities so far with the VSS-200...