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Grande, mélangeur bon vivre - Avis Peavey Unity 2000-16

The Peavey Unity 2000-16 is a 16 channel mixer intended for live use. There are inserts on every channel as well as line ins, which are through 1/4" connections. There is also a microphone input for each channel through an XLR jack. This mixer is a 16x2 mixer, meaning that there are two groups, generally intended as left and right for stereo. There is 3 band EQ and monitoring out available on each channel for stage use, and if the insert jack isn't otherwise being used, it could be used as a direct out if the cable is only inserted part of the way in (to the first "click").


I never had to open the manual on this one, everything functions in a very straightforward fashion.


This is a relatively quiet mixer, but it is intended for live use, not the studio. In a bind, I did use this in the studio once, using the aforementioned insert jack trick. There wasn't a lot of hiss on the recordings. To hear a track that was tracked (but not mixed) using this board, go to and listen to the song "No Love Lost."


The best thing I liked about this mixer was how cheap I got it for. I never bought it for live use, but couldn't afford a real mixer for my first 16 track recorder so this thing fit the bill. Eventually I replaced it with a Mackie 32x8 (which I hated), then a Tascam 2516 (which was bearable), and finally a Soundcraft Ghost 32 (which I love). This mixer served its purpose well, especially considering that it wasn't meant to be used in a recording environment. If I needed a good, rugged mixer for a club and wanted to spend next to nothing on it, in order to spend more money on the rest of the PA system.