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Avis de FP User - Rane MP 22Z

While there are some very nice feature included on this mixer, there's also a lack in some other features. The 4 band EQ is nice. I myself have no need for the 4 band EQ as a DJ, but I'm sure other DJ's do. One thing I really like about this mixer are the output levels. So while recording the DJ can adjust the master level going to the monitors without affecting the output level going to the recording device. The contour adjustment is a very nice feature for scratching, and the fader feels like butter. However, this mixer is missing gains. Meaning that you have to use the channel faders as your gains which is annoying to DJ’s who like to mix using the channel faders.

Price paid



After you get used to it it's easy to use. I personally would give it a 6. But other DJ's that mix using the crossfader might give it a higher rating on usability.

This is a very well built product. It won't fall a part on you. Ranes last forever.


The sound quality is excellent. Very clean sounding.


Not too crazy about the mixer. But that's only because it doesn't meet my personal needs. I'm sure many other DJ's would fall madly in love with this mixer.

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Posted by: Unknown ( 3-, 2003)