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Décent, au mieux, - Avis Peavey PV 215EQ

The 215EQ is a dual band graphic EQ and it cost under a 100 dollars. It has nice and bright output level LEDs and a switchable 12 6dB cut or boost. The low cut filter on this unit is also a great addition for it to be at this price. The low cut filter is 80 Hz 24 dB.


Setting up this unit is very easy especially if you have used similar models before. There are 2 15 bands on the 215EQ and it can be racked up only taking up 1 rack space on your rig or set up. I used this EQ for a few months before upgrading to the PV 231EQ because I was in search of more bands.


The sound quality of this unit is decent; if you want better quality go with the PV 231 unit. You can use the 215EQ to get a decent sound that will work for your set up, but with this unit only costing 99 dollars you won’t get a great sound. I only used it for live gigs and never had a chance to test it out in a studio. After I finally upgraded this unit is when I realized that it was not that good. This was one of my first EQ racks and at the time I really didn’t know how important it was to have a good quality one. This unit is not going to take your sound to the next level but it will work for you until you can get your hands on a better unit.


I think this unit could be a lot better if the sound was better but that is why they make better models of it. This one is the most inexpensive unit that they have and it is worth the buy if you are just getting your feet wet and in the learning process. But if you are a live gigging musician or DJ I would not get this.