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Avis de mooseherman - Fender Standard Molded Case

I'm surprised to actually think about it, but this is actually a very reliable case. I know many other people who've used them at some time, and this is probably the standard case that most people own if they bought a Fender guitar new in the last 15 years. It's honestly got a great composition, it's hard enough to withstand most beatings that come with the territory of gigging musicians. It's also not particularly heavy, and it's pretty well balanced so it's very ergonomic. I also am impressed with the latches that will keep the case closed. I had a beautiful case from Taylor for one of my acoustics, and it was great until the latch on the back of the case broke. It just looks awful and I worry about putting too much strain on the others. This case has never given me such problems. I think that a friend of mine has had this case for about 9 years and it's still in great shape. There are a few scratches on it, which are to be expected, but it's otherwise fine. More importantly his guitar looks spotless even today. Contrast this with my guitar, which has used a soft-shell case, as well as a hard case that wasn't the proper fit necessarily, and which is also really beat up, scratched, and chipped. So this thing definitely does it's job well. There's a reason fender hasn't really updated this case much in the last couple years. It's solid. I think that the standard case will fit any Stratocaster or Telecaster shaped guitar. I think Jazzmasters and guitars of comparable shape will also fit well without moving around inside the case much. Another cool thing about the case is that it fits well in backs of vans, with other gear, so it's not a liability when it's time to get to the gig and you need space in the back of the car. Overall, this is a pretty great product that doesn't get much attention, but is totally legit.