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Très solide guitare Ibanez - Avis Ibanez RG1570

The RG1570 is the successor to the very famous and successful RG570. It features a basswood body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard. The guitar is equipped with the (then) new Edge Pro floyd, a five way blade switch, volume knob and tone knob. The guitar is a Prestige guitar, so the neck is a five piece neck and ~1mm thicker than the original Wizard.


The formula for the RG hasn't changed since the 80s, and it doesn't have to. Everything is pretty much standard affair when comparing this to other RGs. It's built like a rock, but this time, it has the new Prestige neck. The Prestige fretwork is absolutely glorious. You an achieve sick action, and the fret ends felt nicely beveled so you don't snag your hand going up and down the neck. The all access neck joint gives you easy access to the higher frets, and the lower horn rarely gets in your way when doing solo riffs.


Some people hate basswood, but I love it for lead tones. The stock pickups are weak, but I quickly replaced them with an Air Norton and Steve's Special. I then replaced the switch with a 3 way and completely disconnected the middle pickup as I wasn't using it. The guitar was pretty much set up exactly like John Petrucci's Ibanez models were. The Air Norton gives one of the best lead tones ever, and the Steve's Special sounded tight, clear and articulate. DiMarzios really jive well with basswood guitars.


Overall, I recommend checking out either the 570 or the 1570. All of these are great guitars that are more geared towards the shred guitarist. Anybody looking for a higher performance guitar owes it to him or herself to at least try one of these guitars and see why they're so popular.