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Avis de travis6849 - Alesis iO|26

I run into window hp through firewire port. I have used about 10 times since I bought it, primarily for vocals and drums. I originally bought it for the purpose of recording drums. I liked the fact that it had eight inputs, was portable, was futuristic in the 96/192 Hz recording capabilities and the fact that it had so many inputs and outputs.


Drivers were not stable. Had a lot of issues getting it to work with Vista. I am able to record eight tracks at a time, but utilized on five at one time. Nice having the true phantom power for my condenser mics.


General set-up was easy enough. Had a lot of trouble though getting it to work with my laptop. Actually, never was able to get it working on my laptop. Finally decided that I needed to make this happen and his malfunctioned and has not worked since. Very disappointed in the quality aspects of the Alesis products.


The sound was great and the features were great. But it broke after 10 uses. Because it was past the one year warranty, support said there was nothing that they could do. Disappointing that something with so much potential could be made so poorly. I would not rate give this a high value as it broke without much use and I have seen others advertized on sites to remain nameless with same kind of issues. My belief is that there was a manufacturing or design flaw that was never taken care of. Alesis denies this but fact is that it broke without any abuse or mis-use on my part. For this reason, I would not get another one and would not recommend this product to anyone.