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bonne dans toutes les situations - Avis Shure MX418/N

The shure mx 418 is a gooseneck mic that is 18 inches long and it is perfect for like a church or speech podium. I have seen this mic used in so many different set ups and places. It works very good, and one of the best thing about it is that the external and sourounding noise will have no effects and wont be heard. Its range of picking up sound is fairly close that is why it is a speech mic. This mic is used for a stationary subject when speaking, if your speaker wants to start moving around you will need to purchase a wireless mic to accommodate his movements. You cannot use this mic for walking around and talking , it is only stationary. But with its long neck and ability to bend and mold and transform it can fit anyone’s height range and vocal tone.

Your speaker will be so surprised on how clear is voice will sound coming out of the MC 418. Especially if he is used to speaking into cheaper mics that just arent that good, once you get your hands on this mic you will no longer want to use any other mic every again. Also, this mic is pretty cheap and affordable and will last you a long time.

Overall it’s a great mic for a speech session or a church preacher who stands at a podium during his sermon. Its very easy to set up and start using with a shock mount for flat surface mounting that can all be adjusted with a standard too allen wrench. The frequency response is 50hz- 17khz. Great mic for speakers, a must have and will sound great on a stage in a auditorium a theater , church, or even like a school cafeteria just giving a speech to the kids or parents. It works great in any situation.