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Comme millésime que vous pouvez obtenir - Avis Seymour Duncan SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge

Seymour Duncan is an American pickup maker that has been making aftermarket pickups for many years. Their pickups are the counterparts to brands like Dimarzio. While Dimarzio has been more popular in strat style guitars and Shred guitars Seymour Duncan has been more popular among Les Paul and Gibson players. The Seth Lover is one of Duncans more old school pickups. The Seth Lover is named after an old pickup designer in the 50s who designed the early PAF pickups for Gibson. This is just another hint into the nature of this pickup. This pickup is very vintage in tone. These pickups come with old school Alnico II magnets which were more common before ceramic magnets and more exotic magnets started being used in pickups. Another vintage touch is that they are not wax potted. The pickup also only has single conductor wiring which is another vintage touch. This helps get the vintage tone and feel but makes the pickup very noisy in high gain situations. They are similar to the 59 one of the more common Seymour Duncan pickups but this pickup is fatter and warmer. The clean tones with this pickup are great. They really ring out and you can hear all the harmonics and every string very clearly. They retain the awesome clarity but without sounding overly bright. The clean tones are clear but fat also which is hard to find in a pickup. The dirty tones are good because the eq on this pickup is very even. This is great for a mid to low gain situation but as you get more dense with the sound you may get lost in the mix with a pickup like this. If you are looking for the ultimate vintage bridge tone for your old school humbucker guitar this is a great pickup.