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pas de sommets - Avis Sontronics STC-2

I had some small issues after I started using this mic. For some reason it wasn’t picking up the highs very good. The lows where pretty warm and crisp but it seemed to not get the highs clean and then it started to sound like it was muffled because there where no highs and the lows where really heavy. It kind of gave that under water type of sound which is actually a cool effect but you don’t want it on your vocals because it sounds horrible and very unprofessional. It makes it sound like you are a rookie recording at home and no one would want to listen to your music like that.


The Sontronics STC -2 comes on a shock mount so you wont have many problems with the mic moving and it seems to have a built in wind pop filter. Also, it does look great in your studio or home setup with the polished chrome and silver look. It looks like a way more expensive mic than it really is.

I just cant live with the overall sound that I was getting. I need my music to record clean at all cost even if I have to invest a little more money. I have heard some people say the same thing as me and they are having the same problem getting the highs to take clean. But I have always met some people that love this mic and have no problems with it. Maybe it just depends on how your voice is and what frequencies it hits on. I have a deep strong voice. This mic just didn’t cut it for me, it seems pretty well built though so I wouldn’t worry about dropping it . But If have a heavier more prominent voice I wouldn’t choose this mic. Invest a little more and upgrade.