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Avis de joshsound - Royer Labs R-122

Wow. You want this mic. I can already tell you that and I don't even know you! This mic is basically an improved version of the Royer 121. Take all the smoothness, warmth, and pleasing characteristics of the 121 and double it. This mic is the best ribbon mic I've ever heard, and Royer Labs builds them so well that they're just as durable as a small condenser mic. There is a great tolerance for SPL on these mics, so you don't have to be so ginger with them that you're afraid to mic anything other than acoustic guitar with it. I have used this mic on super loud guitar cabinets and it sounded perfect. This mic definitely adds a lot of color to sources, but it is almost always a positive unless you already have something similarly colored in your mix and you get too much masking. If you mic something using the back of the mic, you get a distinctly different timbre, which effectually doubles the sonic possibilities you have at your disposal. I really recommend trying this mic out on lead vocals, especially female singers that have a nice top end. You won't believe how rich they sound through this mic! It connects with a normal XLR cable. This mic also requires phantom power, which is strange for ribbon mics as in the past phantom power could destroy your ribbon.


I don't own one of these, but have been fortunate enough to have worked at a few studios that owned one. I love using them, and am very rarely disappointed with the results. Anything in your mix that you want to sound rich and smooth will benefit by being put through a Royer 122. They are definitely pricey, but it seems to me like it would be a very worthwhile purchase. I plan to get one in the future. Fantastic mic!