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4MS Pedals Spectral Multiband Resonator

4MS Pedals Spectral Multiband Resonator

Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : 4MS Pedals
  • Modèle : Spectral Multiband Resonator
  • Catégorie : Module d'effets pour synthé modulaire
  • Fiche créée le : 02/12/2015
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  • Six filter channels, selected from twenty active filters displayed on the light ring
  • Variable "Q" (Resonance) ranges from classic band-pass to ultra-resonant ringing
  • Ring of 20 full-color lights displays the filter frequencies
  • Filter frequencies move about the scale using Rotation and Spread
  • Rotation "spins" the frequencies around the scale
  • Spread controls the gap between neighboring bands
  • Morph creates a variable speed cross-fade when the filter frequencies change
  • Lock buttons prevent each channel from changing in frequency (resonance can also be locked)
  • Freq Nudge knobs for creating de-tuning effects, or honing in on an exact frequency
  • Frequency CV input (1V/octave) for even and odd bands (flip switch selects single or multiple channel control)
  • Stereo ins and outs stagger the bands into evens/odds for an immersive stereo field
  • Spectral content outputs for each channel (Env Out) allow for vocoding (spectral transfer)
  • Fast or Slow tracking speeds for Envelope CV ouptuts, or selectable Trigger output mode is useful for extracting a beat from music
  • Sliders and CV jacks control each filter's level
  • Slew switch applies slew-limiting to the CV level jacks, which prevents clicking from clocks or triggers
  • Each bank has 11 scales of 20 frequencies/notes each.
  • User-programmable scales (select octave, chromatic note, and microtonal adjustments for each note in the scale)
  • Scale banks for Western, Indian, Chromatic, Micro-tonal, Equal tempered, Just intonation tunings
  • Rotation/Spread moves about an entire bank, or can be limited to a single scale
  • White noise is normalized to the inputs, so the SMR can be used without an external signal

Advanced features

  • Program your own scale. The frequency of each of the 20 notes can be assigned by setting the octave, the semi-tone, and coarse and fine micro-tone. Up to 11 scales can be saved permanently in the user bank
  • Adjust color scheme of the LEDs. Pick a pre-programmed color scheme or create your own using the sliders to set Red/Green/Blue values. Custom color schemes can be saved permanently
  • Save your settings in one of six parameter banks. Note position, scale and bank selection, Q value, Lock settings and color scheme can be saved and recalled on the fly. On startup, the SMR loads settings from the last saved bank.
  • Optional alternative filter type for a more exponential decay when plucked and different timbral qualities. Freq jacks no longer track 1V/oct in this mode.
  • Slider LEDs can be assigned to display level for each channel (combination of slider position and CV on the jack), or clipping for each channel.
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