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355 presets totale - Avis TC Electronic M350

The TC Electronic M350 has a dual engine to process effects with software control. It comes with a software editor that will allow you to control and edit with in real time. The front panel of the interface is where everything is, all your knobs and controls. The TC has 15 different reverbs some delay and modulation as well. I have been using the TC Electronic M350 for 3 years now and never had any issues with it, I have heard a lot of rumors saying that after a few years then will go bad on your but I haven't experienced that.


With 256 effects and presets, with 99 user presets you will have 355 total presets right at your finger tips. The power supply is internal so there is no plug that goes directly into the wall with the TC Electronics M350. It has 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. There is also a MIDI in and out, with 1 Digital input and 1 Digital output. The whole unit is pretty small, it is no wider than 20 inches and weighs less than five pounds.


Yes you can rack the TC Electronic M350 up, it will only take 1 rack space. It does come with a manual but I don’t think I ever needed it.


The TC Electronics M350 has some really interesting presets that sound great, that is why I purchased it years ago. Since then I have been using so many other similar devices but I can always still go back to the TC Electronic M350 and know that I am going to get some great sounds. It was very easy to install and I never had a single issue with a driver or a software hardware issue. It has always worked and provided me with a great sound. I recommend it, especially now because it is a older unit and you can get a used one for really cheap. It is a great piece of hardware to have for your collection of gear.