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Avis de moosers - Electro-Harmonix HOG

The Electro-Harmonix HOG Guitar Synthesizer is an in depth guitar effects pedal boasting a number of awesome features. The pedal is made up of analog components, with 1/4" connections for everything from input and output to an expression pedal (which comes with it) and a foot controller. The pedal requires nine volt power, which comes with the pedal. The HOG isn't rackable as it is a stomp box.


The configuration of the Electro-Harmonix HOG Guitar Synthesizer will definitely take some time to get used to, as there is an almost endless amount of things that you can do with the pedal. The pedal is split up into two sections - a harmonic octave generator and a guitar synthesizer. It is kind of a mix between the POG (polyphonic octave generator) and the micro synth, but this is better than both of them in my opinion. It would take too long to list all of the parameters, but it does have sections for the octaves, a filter, an envelope, expression modes, and in and output leveling. The manual is definitely a good thing to have around...


The sounds that are possible with the Electro-Harmonix HOG Guitar Synthesizer are some of the most unique and outstanding tones that I've heard come out of a guitar. Like the with the POG, you can literally make your guitar sound like an organ. The octave sliders act as draw bars, making the possibilities virtually endless. The synth sounds are also outstanding, as this is the most realistic sounding guitar synthesizer that I've heard that doesn't require a pick up or a special guitar. Many of the other sounds possible with the HOG are virtually indescribable and must be heard for yourself...


While I don't currently own a Electro-Harmonix HOG Guitar Synthesizer, I have used it enough to know that I want to own one very much! This will probably be the next pedal that I add to my arsenal, but it certainly does cost a good amount of money, but not without good reason. Those who are fans of both the POG and the Micro Synth should be very happy to see this conglomeration of the two. Out of any of the guitar synthesizer pedals out there, this one not only tracks and play the best, but sounds the best and offers the most versatility. The HOG is absolutely a must have for all creative and experimental guitar players and beyond.