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obtenir est-ouest, si vous voulez quelque chose de mieux - Avis MOTU Symphonic Instrument

MOTU Symphonic Instrument is very easy to understand and use, you wont be confused or even need to look at tutorials online nor will you need a manual to operate this vst plug in. The price of this plug in is where I think they it doesn’t sit right with me, I think it is overpriced for the quality that it provides. It does have some great patches and presets but I think East West is better in my opinion. Also, MOTU Symphonic Instrument isn’t very appealing to me just going off the look of it. The layout and interface of it really irritates me and doesn’t spark my creativity. I am a visual guy, and I love seeing the plug ins as im using them, I like the software MOTU Symphonic Instrument but I hate the interface of it. I hope they change that in the near future.


Ran this on a quad core pc with plenty ram so it ran find and I have never had an issue with it. I do not use this vst much anymore. I cant even really remember the last time that I used it because East West is so much better. This is a decent software but its overpriced and if you use East West you will see how much you are missing.


I have used this many times over the years, but I don’t use it anymore and probably never will again. Its not bad and it’s a big file when loading it into your computer. I recently purchased a new studio computer and didn’t even waste my time loading this onto it because I know I wont use it at all. it’s a good vst, but its over priced and East West is so much better for me to use and the interface is so much better.