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Avis de moosers - Xotic Effects BB Plus

The Xotic Effects BB Plus is an in depth guitar overdrive/preamp pedal. It can be used for any sort of purposes, whether it's in the studio, on the stage, or just for messing around with. The pedal has got 1/4" jacks for input and output and also has an AC jack for a nine volt power supply. It isn't rack mountable...


The make up of the Xotic Effects BB Plus definitely has a good amount going on, which in my opinion what makes this pedal so great. There are two channels on the pedal, each with their own button to engage it with your foot. Each channel has both gain and volume pedals, and channel A has a tone button and a compression button as well, while channel B has independent bass, middle, and treble EQ parameters in addition to a compression button as well. The pedal also has an A-B switch which allows you to choose which order you'd like the two channels to go in. A manual might be a good idea if you're new to guitar pedals.


As far as tone is concerned, the Xotic Effects BB Plus has a whole lot of it. You can get all sorts of different over driven and distorted sounds between the two separate channels, which provides an awesome amount of flexibility. I love the way this pedal sounds even as a simple boosting pedal, but it's definitely best when used for a bit extra gain. There is just an endless amount that you can do with the pedal since it's got two varying channels the way it does.


Overall, the Xotic Effects BB Plus is a fantastic preamp/overdrive/distortion pedal. Having two channels on here that have their own independent and differing controls is really great, as it makes the pedal incredibly versatile and can really be considered a go to option for the front end of your guitar rig. The pedal isn't the cheapest, but it's reasonably priced considered you're getting two pedals in one here basically. If you're tired of your simple, three band overdrive pedal, definitely check out the Xotic Effects BB Plus pedal and open up a world of possibilities.