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Aucun effet - Avis American Audio Encore 1000

The American Audio Encore 1000 is a DJ CD and MP3 player that is great for a mobile DJ; it can help you stay organized. It is a 2 channel audio mixer that is made well, all of the buttons and knobs are pretty well made and I don’t see any issues arising with the build of this unit. The Encore 1000 has a relay playback and balanced XLR outputs. There is also a auxiliary input on the front of it that was perfect for me to get my iPod audio into the Encore 1000.
Getting the Encore 1000 up and running was not hard at all. I did follow of the instructions that where in the manual and I was ready to use it in no time. This unit is not that heavy which means it is great for travel and transportation but at the same time it didn’t have that “solid” build to me. It just didn’t seem like it was made out of the best materials to make it last for a long time. The buttons and sliders where fine but the unit overall had more of a “plastic” type of feel too it.
The two platters feel nothing like some of the higher end similar models and nothing like a real vinyl platter in any way. Other users have said it does feel like a real vinyl player when used but I strongly disagree. There are other units out on the market that have a more “vinyl” feel too it but you will have to spend a little more money for one of those units.
I do not think that this unit is bad, I just don’t think the Encore 1000 was for me. It does have a lot of features like auto BPM and Pitch options but it didn’t have any effects on board and for this price it should have some effects like flanger or some filters.