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Le conseil d'administration et effets bpm contre - Avis American Audio Flex 100 Mp3

The American Audio Flex 100 is a MP3 CD Player that is very easy to operate and to understand how it works. Especially since I was using a few other players similar to this one around the same time. All of the buttons and the one slider are well made but I still would not trust this unit to keep working or at least look the same after a drop. The Flex 100 has a touch sensitive jog wheel that you can cue tracks with or scroll with. There are some built in effects on the Flex 100 but nothing that I was really excited about.
Setting up this unit is very easy; the instructions walked me through the whole process though I really didn’t even need the instructions. The screen that is on it is pretty small but it is very easy to read and work with. There are only about 4 lines of the display but everything is visible and the text/ numbers are not too small or hard to read.
The Flex 100 has auto and manual BPM counters with a temp lock options. The effects that are on this unit are scratch, echo, filter, stutter, brake, and flanger. These effects are pretty standard for units in this price range.
This unit is very affordable and could be great for someone who is just getting started. One of the features I did like about it is its ability to do a folder search to find the right songs easily and quickly and also the “quick MP3 recognition”. I had no issues getting the songs that I want to find playing quickly between the folder search and it showing the artist and track name when the disc is loaded. Working with this unit has been a joy, I have not used many products from American Audio but I felt very comfortable with the quality of this unit.