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A + - Avis Stanton Magnetics C.500

Rapport qualité/prix : Mauvais
The Stanton C500 is a dual DJ CD player that is very well priced for this competitive market. The C500 is ideal for mobile DJ’s, it is a perfect system to rack u. It has a jogwheel that will give you full control over your pitch bend, a start function for the fader, and an advanced auto cue function. The sound quality Is really good for a device in this price range, though I have heard a lot better quality out of similar models but they were not as inexpensive as the C500. This is a great value for the money you will spend on it. I purchased it a while ago and still own it to this day. I do not think they still make this model though anymore I think it was replaced with a newer version that has some of the small bugs worked out. I am very pleased with my decision to use the Stanton C500, I do not use it that much anymore but I do still own it. Only reason I am keeping it is for emergency situations, I would sell it but the resell value makes it not even work it because the unit brand new was only 175 dollars so I would be lucky to break 100 for it now. That just isn’t worth it to me, I will just hang on to it, and in the world of electronics you never know if you could need this again! My favorite thing about the C500 is that it is very compact and small and weights less than 5 pounds, but can still be racked. It is perfect for a mobile set up. My least favorite thing about it is that I wish it had some more effects on it just to give it some extra touches. But all in all, it is a great affordable unit that you can not over look.