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Amt Electronics M-lead

Amt Electronics M-lead

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  • Fabricant : Amt Electronics
  • Modèle : M-lead
  • Série : X-Lead
  • Catégorie : Préampli guitare hybride
  • Fiche créée le : 10/04/2018
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A line of vacuum tube preamps “X-Lead”

Small dimensions, versatility, and “adult” sound – under this motto a new line of pedals was created. The pedals are built depending on the number of amplification stages either entirely on vacuum triodes or on the hybrid Tube+JFET technology.

The features of the X-Lead line:
1) The full set of regulation knobs (Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume), despite the compact design;
2) The really high anode voltage (+250…300V);
3) The implementation of either full tube or hybrid (tube+field-effect transistors) circuit design with efficient emulation of vacuum triode cascades by semiconductor components;
4) Ability to use overloaded channels in preamp mode (connected to the Amp’s Return) or in the drive pedal mode (connected to the amp’s Input) ;
5) The pedal can control other devices or be controlled by other devices. It has a special IN/OUT CTL connector;
6) You can use devices from the X-Lead line as a stand-alone device or as a part of “AMT Bricks” pedalboards. In this case, you will have broad control opportunities via footswitches of via Midi. The information about the “AMT Bricks” pedalboards will be presented a little later.

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Autres dénominations : mlead