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Avis de moosers - Bellari VP129 Phono Preamp

The Bellari VP129 Phono Preamp is a tube based analog preamplifier designed for use with turntables and record players. I currently have it hooked up with my Rotel turntable and Bose 301 speakers for listening to records on. The VP129 has connections for both RCA stereo inputs and outputs, as well as a stereo 1/4" output for headphones. It boasts as real tube that sticks out of the top and looks pretty cool. It comes with a 12 volt power supply and isn't in rack mountable form.


The configuration of the Bellari VP129 Phono Preamp is generally quite easy to follow. To control your levels, you've got knobs for output level, which controls your RCA outputs, and you've also got a headphone level knob which controls the volume from your 1/4" stereo output. In addition it has buttons for mute and a rumble filter, which is basically a high pass filter without any parameters. It also has a ground screw in the back of the unit. The manual is pretty thick and complete, but I must admit that I haven't had much use for it.


As far as I'm concerned, the Bellari VP129 Phono Preamp does a great job when used in tandem with my record player. It gives it a full sound and allows for a much louder output volume than previously possible, even when compared to other preamplifiers and receivers. I haven't used it for any other purposes beyond use with a record player, and can't really imagine it being used any other way, as this is what it is designed for. Overall, the VP129 really has a good sound, but of course it will only sound as good as the record player and speakers that you've got to go along with it.


For a real tube based preamplifier, the Bellari VP129 Phono Preamp is one of the best deals on the market. While not the cheapest phono preamp out there, for something that sounds this good with a real tube, it is just about as good as you will find for this amount of money. If you're searching for a phono preamp for your turntable and/or home stereo system, I'd highly recommend seriously looking at the Bellari VP129 Phono Preamp.