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Avis de moosers - Audient ASP008

The Audient ASP008 is an eight channel microphone preamplifier.  The unit has both ADAT connections and XLR inputs.  It also has 1/4 inch inputs in the front for each channel and will only take up a single rack space.


Using the Audient ASP008 isn't hard at all even if you don't have much experience with mic pres.  Each of the eight channel has knobs for gain and filter (frequency for the low pass) as well as a variety of buttons including for phantom power, instrument line, mic line, phase, low pass, and a pad.  It is nice to have everything covered as not all preamps have this many options.  As long as you have a basic grasp of what parameters on a mic pre do, I don't believe that you will need a manual.


The sound of the pre amps on the Audient ASP008 are quite good overall.  The sound they have can be described as clean and since they versatile pres they can be used for all sorts of applications.  I have found that it is the perfect unit for recording a full drum set since there are so many channels to work with, but is also great for acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments.  The pre amps do lack a bit of girth that I look for to record vocals, but overall they get the job done in a variety of situations. 


In my opinion, the Audient ASP008 is the perfect unit to expand your audio interface.  It is great for those home studio owners who have ADAT capabilities on their audio interface and are looking for more mic pres to record more tracks at once with.  While I would normally shy away from something that has so many channels in one for such a reasonable price, the ASP008 is definitely better than a lot of its competition.  If you are looking for 8 channels of good sounding pres in a mid level price range, the Audient ASP008 is for you.