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Avis de nickname009 - Wampler Pedals Faux Spring Reverb

• High grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response

• Completely true bypass

• 9v power jack (barrel plug like Boss) Please note: You cannot use a battery with this pedal.

• Controls: level, tone (brightness of reverb, doesn't affect base tone), depth

• 2.8ms max reverb time

• Ultra-bright LED for ease of use

• Powder coated durable finish

Controls: level, tone, depth.

This is the faux spring reverb, basically a reverb pedal modeled after the legendary fender spring reverb.


pretty simple to use. 3 knobs, tweak as you like and play.


The reverb in this pedal is actually quite good. I've compared it with a fender twin and had good results. It is nearly identical and thus sounds good.

Though there is one fault of this pedal that annoys me, and it's the switch. It creates a loud pop sound when you engage it. So loud that it comes through the amp in that moment and it louder than the rest of the guitar signal. This is just unacceptable! Especially if one's playing clean passages and whatnot. It would be passable if one was playing with a big amount of gain, maybe. But the pop sound is just unbearable!!!

In terms of the sound quality, it's quite good and very usable. It's not an extreme reverb pedal, by that I mean, if you were to max out the settings you'd still get a sort of, usable yet slightly too much verb sound. But I would have preferred a really extreme depth reverb pedal to be honest. Like a jazzamp, once you go to the extreme on that you can get some really whacky sounds!

The design of this reverb pedal is not oriented for that. But the reverb sound itself is quite nice. I have to rate it quite low due to the switch! It's REALLY brutally noticable!


Overall, good build quality, good sounding reverb. However, it's not the last reverb you'll ever need as it doesn't really give you so many options and doesn't have extreme settings for further experimentation. And the loud click/pop noise with the switch makes it very very unusable. Maybe I got a bad one? Or maybe it's just the switch? Either way, not super happy with this one.

Look elsewhere if you want to find the last reverb pedal you'll ever need.