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idéale pour les débutants - Avis Tascam Portastudio 2488

Cible : Les débutants
The Tascam Porta Studio will give you everything you need to get up and running and creating great music. With very little recording experience under my belt I have been able to turn out good quality work. Ive been wanting to get into home recording for a while now and I needed an affordable way to begin. After many hours of research, the NEO has been by far the best decision I could have made. It's a little intimidating at first especially when you first unbox it but once you get the basics's all gravy from there. The manual could be a little more comprehensive, especially for beginners!


I recommend purchasing the instructional video. YouTube also has short instructional videos. I have called TASCAM Customer Service twice so far and both experiences have been excellent. quick, comprehensive, knowledgeable answers, advice and instruction! I bought the package deal and the accessories that come with NEO are awesome. The condenser mic is an AT2020. I have recorded a lot of vocals and acoustic guitar and the audio quality is excellent for the price. I added a Shure SM57 dynamic mic. This set up is good for your live gear as well. I haven’t had much experience in analog gear and this was easy for me to set up and use.


I've recorded, mixed, and mastered 2 tunes - basically for practice. There's almost nothing you can't do with this thing. The condenser mic that came with the package sounds very good- guitar, acoustic and vocs. My only complaint is the manual - not so detailed. But I did find the Tascam forums and the face book page so that helps a lot.


If you are looking to make great recordings and have a low budget I would highly recommend the tascam port studio 2488 to anyone wanting to get into analog mixing and recording. Unit also isn’t that heavy so you can take it around with your if you need it to be mobile.