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korg volca bass ( add song mode and accents)

akai rhythm wolf with midi out,set internal clock master and enable midi output

volca bass connected on midi in to akai rw using a common midi cable

turn on volca bass holding function button and set midi in channel on number 5 then confirm pressing rec button and reboot volca bass

now shut the volume of the bass part on the akai rw using his encoder,clear ALL the parts of the sequencer on the volca bass and forget it

return on the akai and write the bass sequence,add slide and accents if you want,write variation a-b and fill,repeat it 16 times,switch on song

mode chain all your 16 patterns and press play only on the rhythm wolf

remember always,volume encoder of akai bass part set to zero,clear all patterns on the volca

it works with other volcas,i think with akai tom cat too but i'm not experienced