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Avis de moosers - Moog Music Satellite

The Moog Music Satellite is an analog synth that was made in the mid to late 1970s.  It is an interesting looking and sounding synth, as it is quite unique.  The keyboard itself spans about two and a half octaves and it has a single oscillator and a variety of effects, filters, envelopes, and preset sounds.  It is capable of getting a variety of different tones...


Using the Moog Music Satellite isn't too hard in my opinion as it only took me a short while to understand what everything does.  For those with previous experience with other Moog synths, I think that the Satellite will make sense for you quickly even though it does have a unique make up and configuration.  I've never seen the manual for this synth, so I can't say how helpful it would be not, but I can say you shouldn't worry about it if you don't have one because I don't feel that one is necessary.


The sounds that are possible with the Moog Music Satellite are varied and are all pretty awesome.  While this isn't my favorite in the Moog collection of synths in terms of tones, I do like just about every sound that you can get with it as they are all in the same vein of the classic Moog tones that you think of when you think of the name Moog.  It also has a variety of presets that aren't all that typical for Moog synths, adding a different dimension to the Satellite that in my opinion makes it a unique Moog synth.


I've only had the pleasure of using the Moog Music Satellite two or three times for a studio session and I've been an avid Moog user and always try to use a new model if I am able to.  This one was fun working with because of its unique features and sounds and I found that I enjoyed just about every sound that I heard from this.  The price varies, but you can definitely find a reasonably priced one if you look enough.  If you are a synth or Moog lover, the Moog Music Satellite is definitely worth a try.