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Compression Vintage - Avis Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

I have been using Stylus RMX since about 2008, I use it frequently because of the sound quality and its abilities to work with VST’s. This program does require a lot of patching though when working with sounds and VST’s it reminds me of how you have to patch a lot with Battery 3. Installing it takes a bit more time than I expected because it is a big file to have to install. It does take up a lot of disk space as well so before I purchased it I made sure that I waited until I got my new PC with a lot of disk space/CPU and RAM.


This software is expandable, allowing you to add more groves as needed. It comes with 27 different effects like power filter, spring verb, gate expander, tube limiter, vintage compressors and many more. There are over 7 gigs of sounds that come with it, which is why it takes so long to load and install. It is not hard to install it just takes a very long time to do so.


The interface is easy to use and understand though I am not a fan of the purple color of the interface, I am not sure if you can change it but I would if I knew how because the purple is more of an eye sore for me. The price of this software is a little more than expected but after working with the effects racks I feel like I have gotten my money’s worth in no time at all.
I love the compressors, in fact the “vintage” compressors could be the reason that I feel that I got my money’s worth with this software. The sounds are very good as well and the performance of this software is great. I have experienced no crashing or freezing while working with it on my PC.