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Parfait pour le rock classique, tout le chemin jusqu'à métallique - Avis Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

My very first tube amp and a great one to start with. 100 watts, all tube. 4x6L6 power tubes, 2 channels, hi and low gain inputs, and texture control knob on the back. Basic controls, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume, Presence, a boost switch for the lead channel and a bright switch for the clean channel.


My biggest complain was the effects loop was on the front. I don't know whose idea that was but I've never heard a compliment about the amp for that. Any rack gear would need to be plugged in the back, since it's in the front you have to run it past all the other rack gear and over the amp head to be plugged in the front. Kind of a hassle and looks messy. Other than that it is a good design and very easy to understand.


I used to be a huge MetallicA freak so I bought this trying to get close to their tone. Originally I was wanting a Mesa Mark III but this really caught my attention. By itself it pulls off great classic rock and some early tones like Maiden, Scorpions, Rhoads, even some early MetallicA. But with a boost this thing really goes wild. Makes this thing very versatile. Blues crunch all the way to metal brutals. The gain is a bit fizzier than say a 6505 but is still no where near the fizziness of a dual rectifier at low volumes. It's a great amp that can pull off many tones.


I have since sold it but it was a great amp to start on, really taught me about tubes and I had a lot of fun playing with this amp. Had some really great tones but sadly none of them were beyond exceptional. I wanted something that blew me away with at least one thing instead of multiple good things.