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Juste déçu ...! - Avis American Audio TTD-2400

I got very enthusiast when I found a solution to get a vinyl turntable with direct drive as my older unit had some problems with the belt. So, I decided to look for a direct drive unit. I found it from
I liked it most for the direct drive and the price. But... unfortunately what you get is what you pay (for once again).
I had also ordered the cover, as it isn't included. The problems started almost immediately. American Audio TTD-2400 consists of cheap plastic and when I tried to put the cover I realized that it was very difficult to do it.
First you have to put two springs (elaters) which are too tough and unsuitable for this quality of plastic. There were not instructions in the box of its cover, so after some searching I found instructions on the Internet with awful BW photos.
With the help of God (He was sorry about me and helped me) I managed to put it on. But the springs are so strong and plastic bottom of their room is so poor that after 10 days, the bottom of the spring on the right just broken (by itself) and it is the first turntable of my life that broke because of a production fault.
The board speed and the brake are awesome!
I cannot say the same for the quality of sound. A sound that is not clear at all, and I have no the mid and bass sequences I had with my past turntable.
I am very disappointing by this unit. Maybe it is good for a bar with a lot of people; the noise there is a good point in order to ignore the sound quality.
If you need a turntable with its cover avoid taking this unit (friendly advice). If you are not interested in cover or sound quality then it is good.