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Avis de FP User - Technics SL-1200 M3D

Technics shouldn't have tried to update perfection. Some of the features on the 1200 MK3D make no sense. You have the pitch lock button. What is that for I could just put the pitch back to 0 and it tends to stay when I put it. It's kind of a childs safety lock for turntables. Then we have the dust cover that have hindge bracketry but no hindge. They say its for the DJ's ease. I've been Djing for over 20 years and I have never found it hard to remove the covers from thier hindges and placing the cover in a safe place. At the end of the gig reversing the above proceedure and packin up.

Price paid

$350.00 each

The MKIIID sound the same as the other versions of the 1200.

I would and do use them out @ a gig. They just feel a little lighter and therefore a little more easy to damage.

I don't love them. I would easily sell them today. I just use them. If I had to make a suggestion to the "Big Wigs" at technics I would tell them. Go back to the design of the MK II's and never stop making them.. Leave the improvements to the other turntable guys....

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Posted by: Unknown (January 1-, 2003)