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Sonic Faction Archetype Kontakt Bundle

Sonic Faction Archetype Kontakt Bundle

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  • Fabricant : Sonic Faction
  • Modèle : Archetype Kontakt Bundle
  • Catégorie : Bundle d'instruments virtuels
  • Fiche créée le : 19/10/2015
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  • 8×8 Grid
  • Each instrument (except Whoosh) has it’s own sequencer built in, which allows for creating note patterns on the fly, selecting scales, sequence modulation, pattern save & recall and more.
  • powered by the free Kontakt 5 Player and now fully supports NKS™ Native Kontrol Standard*
  • Instruments included:
    • Beatdown drum machine with 40 kits, dedicated Envelopes and LFOs, Granulizer, dedicated Audio FX and MIDI articulations on each cell.
    • Clone 80’s synth with 3 raw, analog oscillators and a host of envelopes, LFOs and FX for arpeggiated bass lines, raw distorted leads and modulations, with Delta Triangulator, a unique set of controls used to dial in 3 LFOs at once, onboard FX including Granulator, 2 assignable LFOs.
    • Evilfish 303: a hyper-sampled version of the now classic hardware mod, comes loaded with 8 levels of analog overdriven waveforms, 303 style filter is morphable and can be switched to notch or formant mode, additional levels of destruction with Saturation, Distortion, Redux and NUKE, plasma animation that pulses and grows to your bass lines
    • Hatchet: melodic monosynth capable of soaring leads and warm funky basses, saw and square oscillators with detune option, on board LFOs and FX (filters, reverbs, bit crushers...), display with fractal blade animations that react to your sound and the filter knob for intensity
    • Pulsator synth with 2 beefy digital oscillators capable of gorgeous pads, devious leads and extremely aggressive basses and detune option, with a fractal heart animation that pulses with your sound, X-Mod oscillator, FX section
    • Rogue-One classic vintage synth with the ability to detune oscillators from each other for analog fatness as well as dark, cinematic tones and deep, brooding soundscapes, with reverb, endless delays, deep phasers and a glitchy Granulizer, a rotating vector animation as it’s centerpiece that reacts to sound. 
    • Sickness synth with dual multi-oscillators that can switch between hundreds of classic waveforms, grain & formant wavetables and the undeniable hypersaw, a Sub-oscillator, modulation section with 3 LFOs, on-board FX and the Granulizer, a viral animation that reacts to your music.
    • Whoosh Machine for transitional FX, drones and atmospherics. Blend sources for an enigmatic mix of noise, synth tones and textures, instant access to frequency and rate dials, along with creative envelope controls for perfectly executed whooshes, wave animations, assignable LFOs and Granulizer.
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