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Avis de moosers - Dynaudio BM14S

The Dynaudio Acoustics BM 14S is a high end sub woofer for use in your recording studio. The studio that I work at also has a mastering room on site, which is where this is being used. I don't think it would be necessary in any other place other than a mastering room. The sub woofer has a single 12" woofer and is active so you won't need any power for it. It's designed for use with other Dynaudio Acoustics monitors like the BM5's, but can definitely be used with any other set of monitors that you so choose. We have them up with the Studio Products Mastering Lab 10's in the mastering room on site here...

The Dynaudio Acoustics BM 14S is definitely the best sub woofer that I've ever heard. The amount of bass that can emanate from this thing is really unbelievable. It's a pretty average size for a sub woofer but really blasts out sound. A sub woofer isn't always necessary for all applications, but for mastering it definitely is and that's where I think the BM 14S is best suited as far as musical purposes are concerned. It's not really worth getting for mixing as you could get something a lot cheaper that would do the job fine for that, although if you're able to afford it for mixing, it would certainly do an awesome job.

If you're looking for the ultimate sub woofer for any purpose, the Dynaudio Acoustics BM 14S is it! It's the best that I've ever heard, having also used the BM 9S which is a set down price wise to this one. Having something like this is definitely a bit excessive for anything other than mastering or post production or something where you absolutely need to have those super low frequencies reproduced at a truly accurate rate. It's incredibly expensive which is why I'd only recommend it if absolutely needed. We have the BM 9S in our main recording room which is more than adequate as a sub woofer for that kind of use, so I'd strictly recommend the BM 14S for mastering...