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Microphone Parts RK-7

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  • Fabricant : Microphone Parts
  • Modèle : RK-7
  • Catégorie : Capsule de microphone
  • Fiche créée le : 14/05/2012
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RK7 Microphone Capsule
RK-7. $149 $109
Free US shipping.
Includes saddle,
post, wires
and screws.
RK-7 Capsule

The RK-7 is our second K47-style microphone capsule. Like our original RK-47, it will revoice your inexpensive imported condenser microphone, replacing its hyped high frequencies with a smoother, dramatically more musical sonic profile.

Both the RK-47 and RK7 are large-diaphragm, dual-sided, true condenser capsules, built to precision standards with rigorous multi-step quality control. Both share the backplate drilling pattern made famous by Neumann’s M7 and K47 capsules. Coupled with a flat-response impedance conversion circuit, such as is found in most inexpensive condensers, both these capsules sound amazing.

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