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Best Service Chris Hein - Solo Contrabass

Best Service Chris Hein - Solo Contrabass

Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Best Service
  • Modèle : Chris Hein - Solo Contrabass
  • Série : Chris Hein
  • Catégorie : Contrebasse virtuelle
  • Fiche créée le : 10/01/2017
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  •  over 10,000 samples with close mic'ing in a dry recording environment. Combined with the twin impulse response based reverberation sections
  • 38 articulations
  • four different legato transitions
  • phase-alignment of all samples to guarantee smooth inaudible crossfades of up to eight velocity layers.
  • internal tenfold DSP-effects-rack
  • Ensemble Maker, the solo instrument can easily be turned into an ensemble being able to take advantage of all available articulations. A voice division in the stereo image and fine detuning intensifies this effect.
  • Dedicated convolution engines for the instrument's body and the room itself allow creation of a nearly arbitrary acoustic environments ranging from intimate closeness to large concert halls.
  • Note Head Designer for long and short note combinations: 102 attack shapes. This allows calling up twelve matching short sample variations (Shorts) along with each sustain-articulation. These shorts not only offer the corresponding correct attack-behavior but also a note-end that perfectly matches the note length. These user-defined selections of short-note-variations are available in eight dynamic layers each and can be combined with the corresponding sustained phases.  the shorts are also available as individual articulations.
  • true legato in up to four dynamic layers for short and long note variations
  • four "Dynamic Modes"
  • Key-Vibrato
  • Hot-Keys
  • Kontakt Player 5 included
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