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SSA Plugins aXDeesser

SSA Plugins aXDeesser

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  • Fabricant : SSA Plugins
  • Modèle : aXDeesser
  • Catégorie : De-esseur logiciel
  • Fiche créée le : 30/04/2019
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  • Frequency: The centre frequency of the band to be compressed. This should be centred on the portion of the spectrum in which you want to reduce sibilance.
  • Bandwidth: The bandwidth, in octaves, of the band you wish to compress.
  • Threshold: Set the level threshold at which the compressor begins to act on the defined sibilance band.
  • Ratio: Adjust how much compression is applied to signal above the threshold. A ratio of 1 means no compression while higher ratios lead to stronger compression of the sibilance band.
  • Attack: The time in milliseconds (ms) for the compressor to become fully effect once a signal goes above the threshold.
  • Release: The time in milliseconds (ms) for the compressor to fully switch off once a signal goes below the threshold.
  • Monitor Sibilance Band: You can solo the sibilance band in order to asses the effect of the compression.
  • VST 3, AU, AAX, 64-bit

Available Versions: The aXRotate is available with 3 levels of spatial resolution, with different maximum Ambisonic orders:

  • a1Deesser- de-ess first-order Ambisonic signals.
  • a3Deesser- de-ess up-to third-order Ambisonic signals.
  • a7Deesser- de-ess up-to seventh-order Ambisonic signals.


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