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Blinksonic° Ruidoz

Blinksonic° Ruidoz

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  • Fabricant : Blinksonic°
  • Modèle : Ruidoz
  • Catégorie : Drum sampler virtuel
  • Fiche créée le : 21/02/2016
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RUIDOZ, the mad sample mangler is back with new sounds and enhanced features ! 
RUIDOZ V.2 is a beat generator based on the randomization of samples events. This sound design instrument can create rhythmical sequences and a wide variety of sound textures. 
It’s also a collection of 340 micro samples that aim to be part of rhythmic kits. 

RUIDOZ is organized with a step sequencer that triggers one sound on every gate events. Nothing new here, apart that when the random mode is enable, this process creates an interesting flux of sample changes. 
An ADSR enveloppe, a filter, an auto pan, a compressor and a reverb are here to sculpt the basic shapes.  
These mutant sequences can also be manipulated in realtime with the 2 included Auto FX.  Every effect processors have 2 parameters which can be modulated and these modulations can be recorded in live. 

Included in the ensemble, a collection of 340 sound samples. Compared to the previous version, it’s an addition of 212 new pieces of electric charges, of liquid flows, of wood and metallic impacts… 
All is ready for producing original glitchy beats, noisy percussions rhythms and either soundscapes, HUD sounds, semi harmonic phrases and mechanical riffs. 

RUIDOZ comes with a consequent bulk of presets. 
13 Banks and 354 snapshots in total, to get detailed examples of how it sounds and of instant materials for your productions. 
This percussive virtual machine could answer to your needs if you want to add originals and randoms colors to your music.  

For exemple, RUIDOZ can take place on the background of your main beat (Kick+Snare) or is well suited for building a rhythmical base that will transform the atmosphere of your whole track, especially if you are looking for unstable grooves, wonky beats, multi percussion lines with the charm of an organic resonance. 

All the samples come from a huge collection of micro sampling I did over past recorded improvisation and field recordings.  
Enjoy the intuitive and compact new graphic interface which is following the original design but in a flatter way. 

Genres :  Electronica - Glitch Hop - Wonky - Trap - IDM - EDM - Minimal - Ambient - Cinematic - House - Minimal - Braindance - Drum n’ Bass - Dub Step.




NEW FEATURES / New in the V.2 :  

- New GUI   
- Enhanced random function with the possibilities to adjust the range of randomization of the samples selection.  
- Control Pitch envelope with LFO.  
- 4 maps (instead of only 1). 
- Random map button (it’s getting really weird !).  
- Improved ADSR enveloppe. 
- Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release parameters are now revealed and available.  
- Additional Auto Fx section with 8 new effects and instant launch of the effect with momentary button. 



- 4 sample engines with SPEED, GRAIN, SMOOTH, PITCH parameters. 
- 340 one shot samples embed in 4 maps. 
- 13 Banks and 354 snapshots. 
- Modulate PITCH value with a 4 shapes LFO (Pulse, Triangle, Sin and Random). 
- ADSR enveloppe. 
- Step sequencer with up to 16 steps - time signature from 1/1 to 1/64 - Swing & offset position -  4 directions 
- 3 random modes for Sample selection, Map Selection and Random Step. 
- 2 auto fx modules with X/Y surface to control parameters and playback/record functions 
- 20 effects embed in Auto Fx module. (Only one can process the signal at time in each modules) 
- List of effects : Scratch, Stutter, Pitchshifter, Bit Reducer, Ring Modulator, Distortion, Looper, UFO, Space, Reflection, Feedback, Resonator, Freq Mod, Flanger, Vowel, Phaser, Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass and Reverse. 
- Auto Pan Stereo 
- Compressor 
- Space Reverb 
- Main Filter with 7 modes and controlled by aX/Y axis pad. 
- View B with a compact interface, essential control elements, Bank and Snapshot browser knobs.


 This ensemble doesn't work with N.I. REAKTOR PLAYER ! You need a full version of REAKTOR 5.9.2 or above. 
Note : it works fine with REAKTOR 6.

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