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Très cool master bus EQ - Avis Waves Linear Phase EQ

When people EQ, they generally want to have the most transparent EQ possible. The Waves Linear Phase EQ attempts just that, and this is meant more for the master buss than other busses in the DAW. The Linear Phase EQ features controls for gain, low/mid/high frequency bands, various different filter types ranging from lowband bell, resonant low shelf, v-slope low shelf, resonant high shelf, v-slope high shelf, and tons more options like dither, Q controls, different method controls, etc. It's a very flexible and transparent EQ. The main goal for this EQ is to use it as a final EQ for the overall mix. You can use it on other busses without a problem, however. To enable this, simply call it up in your DAW on whatever buss you want to use it on. I never read the manual, so I can't comment on that, but it's a fairly standard EQ, and anybody should be able to start getting the tones they want out of it within seconds.


This plugin is awesome when it comes to stuff like stability, cross platform compatibility and low resources. The plugin works on any machine out there, so there should be no issues using it on your favorite machine. The plugin is also rock solid. I never experienced a direct crash related to this, nor have I experienced any odd quirks with the application. There is one issue that I did experience, however. This is a 32 bit plugin for OS X. The current Logic Pro is a 64 bit DAW, and to use this plugin, you need to allow Logic to run its 32 bit bridge application. While it's not a huge issue, I'd like to see the new editions be 64 bit for full integration. 32 bit is starting to be a thing of the past now. I've been using the Waves bundle for half a year or so, and it's been a wonderful experience.


This is a very good, transparent sounding EQ that is complex enough to work on finalizing the mix but not so ridiculous that it's hard to use. However, I normally find myself just using the standard EQ inside of Logic Pro for the final mixing if I'm going to use an EQ. That, or I'll use the iZotope Ozone 4 parametric EQ since I usually have that plugin enabled on the buss. In reality, any of these will work fine, and they all sound great. It's just a slightly different flavor out there as they all look and act fairly similar. Just choose the one that works for you and stick to it.