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Avis de mooseherman - Dynaudio BM15

These are another pair of monitors that are used frequently in the studio that I work at. They are the passive versions of the BM15A, which we tend to use most regularly at the studio. These are passive, which means that they require the external power supply in order to work. I tend to prefer using the active monitors, but these are effective to use as a comparison. For instance, when something sounds crystal clear in the active monitors but still sounds muddy in these, that means that a few slight edits could drastically improve the mix in general, and it will sound better on both. It's not always so cut-and-dry, but having another pair for contrast serves us well over here.


The stereo image on these monitors is really great. It's not much worse than its active cousins' image, but it is noticably different. The low end in particular is slightly muddier, but only in comparison. Compared to most monitors I've used, the low end sounds phenomenal. Obviously the high end is pretty great too. The dynamics get the full treatment here, there's not any excessive compression in these speakers. The speakers tend to be really clear in general. There is absolutely zero coloring from these monitors.


These are pretty massive sounding monitors. While we are spoiled over here in being able to use them in tandem with the BM15A's, I want to make perfectly clear that these are absolutely phenomenal in their own right. They are expensive, but less so than the BM15As, so for those of you for whom money is a factor, this is probably the way to go. Most likely they can handle any project you will get. I really can't stress enough how good they are.