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Audiofier Aerkord

Audiofier Aerkord

Fiche technique

  • Fabricant : Audiofier
  • Modèle : Aerkord
  • Série : Randomisers
  • Catégorie : Sampler et lecteur d'échantillons virtuel
  • Fiche créée le : 10/01/2018
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  • 205 + 20 Multisampled Sound Sources
  • Over 22GB, NCW – over 8500 samples
  • 2 Main Sound sources, plus Trails sound sources

    Volume, Pan, Octave and Semitones Shift, Cents Adjust

    High pass and Low pass filters,

    Full linkable AHDSR controls per sound source.

    Intelligent Randomiser engine, with undo history

    Undo and redo randomisation up to 1000 undo levels

    Undo level counter to jump to a desired undo level

    Categorised browser

    Selectable playing percentage for Trails layer.

    Velocity control for Trails layer.

    Pitch Envelope and LFO for Trails Layer

    25+ Starters Snasphots


    Master Shine, Saturation, Chorus, 2 delays, Lo-fi, Convolution reverb.

    Filter Cutoff, resonance, Distortion and Formant Step effects per layer

    One Convolver per layer with 180+ effects

    Separate Delay and Reverb for Trails Layer


    Crystals Generator with Pitch, Grains and Cloud functions

    Dual Layer Arpeggiator, with ability to trigger Sequencers

    Twin step sequencer, with live recording mode, auto save and auto recall.

    8 editable twin or single sequences per patch.

    Permanent random sequences generation.

    Temporary random notes generation for user controlled “improvisation”

    Midi Drag & Drop


    Key Manager with Multiple scales available

    Single, Dual and Random Map mode.

    Pan Control: Widen and Random

    Multi Output Options

    Split Modes

    Two Step Sequencers in parallel

    One Sequencer and one Arpeggiator in parallel

    Arpeggiator Triggered Sequencer

    Crystals Above and/or Below Split Point

    Arpeggiator and/or Below Split Point

    Sequencer and/or Below Split Point


  • Requires NI Kontakt 5.5, does not work with Kontakt Player.
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