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Avis de afterglow479 - Neumann U 47 fet

This mic is a an old large diaphragm condenser that has been around forever. I think they are no longer made, but they are still around in relatively large numbers. These mics have been used on the lead vocals of countless huge recordings, and not to mention as instrument mics on many others. This is an extraordinary mic, and there are very few things that don't sound good through one. It is a condenser, so it does require power in order to work. It also connects with a standard XLR mic cable. The pickup pattern is a cardioid. These are very expensive, so don't let them out of the studio unless you are super rich and can afford to replace it. These do have a high allowance for SPL, so people frequently stick them in front of a kick drum to get more definition on it.


These have been around since before I was born, and I've been using them for years. Everything about this mic smacks of quality, from the build to the sound quality. These are one of the finest condenser mics available. Vocals tend to sound perfect through them, so you can worry a lot less about EQ. I have tried a wide range of condenser mics, and this one is fantastic. The value is only okay, because they are so expensive. You definitely get an amazing mic for your money though. Another great use for these is for room mics. These are very sensitive, so you can hear the small articulations in your room, which is a great thing if it's a good sounding room to begin with. There's a reason that these have been around for so long - they really do work magic on most anything you record with it. I don't own one, but I have used them many times. I wish I could get one!