The big problem is the midi input : i need 2 ports in !I see only one available at a time and it's a big big big problem because i have to choose between notes OR damper pedal :-(
I have the keyboard Privia Px-5s and it doesnt work with half pedal sustain : so i had to buy a Midi solution pedal controller
The pedal controler is inserted as a loop in the keyboard : between in & outSo i have usb out. Usb out works in Synthogy but synthogy receive ONLY notes !I have tried other connection and found one working on my Akai MPC ; it works because on the MPC i activate 2 midi inputs : 1 for the notes, 1 for half damper pedalDo i need, for a concert, to bring my Mpc just for "Thruing" all the midi data in the synthogy or is there any solution ???