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Acustica Audio Ebony

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  • Fabricant : Acustica Audio
  • Modèle : Ebony
  • Catégorie : Tranche de console logicielle
  • Fiche créée le : 07/07/2017
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Ebony Comp

Ebony is equipped with 4 different switchable compressors.
Acustica is proud to give to all customers these dynamic processors emulations.
After long research and development we were able to accomplish a great rare units emulations, they can be set up for extreme compression maintaining transparence (fairly transparent sound) and low noise even at extreme setup. CORE X contributed to create a masterpiece able to reproduce the behaviour of the hardware, and at the same time, it provides a number of plug-ins considerably more tolerable CPU consumption.


Ebony Pre

Ebony Pre includes 8 different preamps to add great warmth.
They precisely emulate the phase, frequency response and harmonic distortion of their corresponding circuits.
The best use of these colors can only be decided by user on a case per case basis and the engineer’s final judgment should always depend on his/her own ears and imagination.


Ebony EQ

Ebony EQ is composed by 3 different vintage Equalizers organized in two modules (HF/HMF module and LMF/ LF module). Each module is bypassed when the relevant ON button isn’t pressed (the section is bypassed). Thus it is possible to compose different combinations choosing from the available EQ emulations. More details in the user's manual


Ebony Reverb

Ebony includes the first Acqua plug-in plate reverb emulation.
It recreates several features typical of the original device.
This iconic hardware  is used all over pop music today provided a smaller solution to large echo rooms  in other world it gives a huge room and a gorgeous sound but in a small space and
Starting from the original unit and using our technology we created our plug-in version adding new important features hoping will be appreciated.


EBONY suite includes:

  • EBONY ZL (zero latency)
  • EBONY COMP ZL (zero latency)
  • EBONY EQ ZL (zero latency)
  • EBONY PRE ZL (zero latency)
  • EBONY REVERB HL* (high latency)

    *high latency, this reverb version doesn't use the ZL algorithm but rather a new implementation  introduced for the reverb to optimize  the CPU load  (8192 samples for HL version VS. 2048 samples for the standard version).
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