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Sónimus Satson

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  • Fabricant : Sónimus
  • Modèle : Satson
  • Catégorie : Warmer & simulateur de grain analogique
  • Fiche créée le : 09/05/2011
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« Designed to emulate a console-based workflow (including metering, saturation, stereo crosstalk, and trim), Satson will help you mix faster and better. Our Satson plugin features a carefully modeled and calibrated VU meter, high quality high-pass / low-pass filters, and analog console-like saturation (including stereo crosstalk). »



  • Saturation can be disabled when you want to use Satson for trim and metering purposes exclusively.
  • Two Saturations modes: Normal (subtle distortion, high dynamic range) and Fat (hotter signal, lower dynamic range).
  • Satson can be used subtly or aggressively (to distort synths, and virtual or real instruments, for example).
  • Filters (both low and high pass) are tuned to sound sweet and pleasant to the ear.
  • Activate Satson Buss’ “LOUD” switch to add more “air” to your highs and “punch” to your lows.
  • Instances can be "grouped" creating the possibility of affecting all instances by making changes to just one.
  • With zero latency, no group delay, and careful optimization for low CPU consumption, Satson allows for a remarkably high number of multiple instances per session.
  • Internal 64-bit floating point double precision.


Supported platforms
Audio Unit, VST 2.4, VST 3, AAX, RTAS. All platforms support both 32 and 64 bit operation.

Supported Operating systems
Mac OSX 10.6 or newer
Windows XP or newer


Technical specifications
Sample Rate Support: up to 192 khz.
Bit Depth: 64 bits (floating point).
Channels: Mono and Stereo.
Latency: Zero.



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