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Focusrite Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite

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  • Fabricant : Focusrite
  • Modèle : Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite
  • Catégorie : Autre bundle d'effet ou multieffet
  • Fiche créée le : 23/01/2015
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Red 2 EQ Plug-In:

A sweet sounding, clear and warm six-band EQ, modelled on the highly acclaimed Focusrite Red 2 EQ. Perfect for subtle adjustments or drastic sound shaping, and bringing out the detail in vocals and acoustic instruments without adding noise.

• Get detailed tonal control of your tracks
• Excellent on the mix bus to add "air" to the track
• Ideal for both subtle and dramatic adjustments
• Available as a stereo or mono plug-in, in 64-bit AU, VST or AAX • formats
• Brings out detail without adding noise
• High/low pass filters
• High/low frequency shelves
• Fully parametric low mid and high mid frequency bands.

Red 3 Compressor Plug-In:

A natural sounding compressor, modelled on our highly acclaimed Red 3 Compressor circuit. A versatile VCA compressor, its fast attack, release and compression ratios up to Infinity:1 are ideal for natural-sounding dynamic control of drums, bass, vocals and acoustic instruments.

• Increase loudness without artificial "pumping"
• Vary compressed/uncompressed sound with a single control
• Input gain: -18dB to +18dB
• Threshold: -50dB to -10dB
• Ratio: 1.5:1 to Infinity:1
• Attack: 0.1ms to 1 second
• Release: 1ms to 4 seconds (auto-release also available)
• Make up gain: 0dB to +40dB
• Parallel compression: 100% wet to 100% dry

Featuring 64-bit AAX, AU & VST compatibility, these are the first Focusrite plug-ins to include AAX support, making them compatible with Pro Tools® 10 and above. This video will show you how to download, install, activate, and use the Red plug-ins.

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