Hi, i have just got your website reference on facebook. I have just checked and read reviews of interfaces. I want to say, thank you so much for the amazing and unique reviews you are doing. I cant find such analytical review anywhere else.

Very helpful for everyone to decide about.

I was reading about your great 4.5 rating for Clarett 2 Pre USB.

I just have two queries:

1) You haven't mentioned about headphone out quality of it.

2) I will really appreciate if you can share , aside from these technical parameters, how does sole conversion wise in hearing, it performs against Apollo X8/VRS8. Is it really neck to neck in hearing the clarity and depth of sounds(both A/D and D/A wise) against these interfaces ?

As in every chart parameter, i found it to be more accurate and above/on par against these. But in real hearing, i want to know.

3)Quality wise, does preamp sound as transparent,identical and detailed as VRS8/X8 ?

Thank you!