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Avis de FP User - Ensoniq EPS

I absolutely adore the sequencer. It the sequencer I use when writting songs. I can work on vs, chorus and bridge parts independantly and chain them together as a song. I love to do this with Chainer(as a sound module. The sampler is a solid deep however the lack of a res filter is a disappointment

Price paid

$1200 USD


The is a pro level sampler circa 1988. Its is very intuitive and quick to use. You will need to read the manual to get the most out this amazing machine. Its very easy to use however there is alot you can do with it and the sheer power of the synthesis engine is reveal in the manual. I just played with and when I wanted to learn how to program the filters - I would read that part of the manual. I think the Envelope are confusing but I grew up with analog synth with adsr envelopes which I like so I would change that and add a res filter.

These are fragile and I have them all repaired.


The EPS sample at 12 bits to my ear its warm and dirty.You can get some really crunchy lofi samples with abit of clipping. When you reduce the sample rate noise is introduced but this can be eq out later or use many tools to clean up tracks. Sometime the noise add to the track. I love this sampler's sound. I have a keyboard and soon a rack.


I love to program the drum part live using the EPS's sequencer. The quantizing really tightens up the groove. This inspires me to write new songs. I can work so fast with it. Its very easy to get into flow of ideas with it. I'm planning on adding the EMU Emulator X. I have a host of software- awave, translator, seamless looper and chainer with virtual synths and fx. Its so easy to build instruments with eps that can be sent to the Emulator X (which has the envelopes I like). It the hub of the studio. It goes from my brain to the EPS and from there my imagination and all the options listed above. Its a piece that I wish was recreated in software because these are fragile and I don't think will last forever.

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Posted by: bizarreboy ( 2-, 2006)