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Avis de FP User - Ensoniq EPS

No onboard effects, and not may other "features" per se but the filters are great. Once again, one of a kind classic sound that you hear on many of the records that are considered classic today. Make sure to max your peice out and you will be happy. I have the 4x RAM and the 8 out and am very pleased.


I don't care what anyone says, the sequencer is a breeze. VERY easy to create sequences and link them in song mode. The interface is small but it is all business. No graphics, but it gets your ears in shape (like they should be!).. Once again Very easy to use. I had a few bangers before I even cracked the manual which is also written very straight forward.


Very warm sound. Crunchy snares, strong kicks. It has that 12 bit sound to it although I would say it is somehow warmer and cleaner than say an Sp-1200..The sound is uniqe, once you become familiar with it you will hear it i=on many classic hip-hop records.


Tough to say... This peice is built to last, but it is getting a little buggy. Factoring in the fact that this thing has literally been being used since it's original purchase in '88 I think it's held up like a thorobred!

I can't imagine a project studio without one! The sound, the ease of use and the sentimental factors make this one something I can't be without. Ensoniq por vida!

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Posted by: Crest One ( 4-, 2006)