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Genz-Benz Shuttle Max 9.2

Tête d'ampli Basse appartenant à la série Genz-Benz Shuttle 2

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  • Fabricant : Genz-Benz
  • Modèle : Shuttle Max 9.2
  • Série : Shuttle 2
  • Catégorie : Tête d'ampli Basse
  • Fiche créée le : 02/04/2012
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• 500W @ 8 ohms; 900W @ 4 ohms

• Dual Channels---FET and TUBE Preamps

• Switchable or Blendable Preamps

• Input Mute Circuit

• High and Low Gain Switch per Channel

• Active 4 Band EQ with Dual Parametric Mids

• High Current Class D Amplifier Design

• Adjustable 3 Band Signal Shape Circuits

• 3 DPM™ Power Management

• LED Status Indicators

• Patent Pending P.H.A.T topology Speakon® Speaker Outputs

• Internal Fan Cooling

• Full XLR Direct Output Interface

• Aux. Input

• Headphone Jack

• Three Effects Loops (FET Ch; Tube Ch; Master)

• 115/230 Volt Switchable

• 5 Position Footswitch Included

  • · Power Output : 500W @ 8 ohms / 900W @ 4 ohms
  • Dimensions : HxWxD3 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 13" 
  • · Weight : Lbs. 6.75


This new SHUTTLE®MAX design is a natural extension of this series and has been a highly requested addition to our product offerings from many pro players.


The SHUTTLE®  MAX 9.2 features dual FET and TUBE channels, a 4 band EQ with dual parametric mids and our fully adjustable Global Signal Shaping filters, along with our robust 900 watt Class D amplifier platform. This combination offers maximum versatility and tone shaping with a power section that produces 500 watts at 8 ohms and 900 watts at 4 ohms. This model is an excellent choice to power any of our UBER cabinets, or a combination of 2 of our GB115T-UB or new "UBER QUAD" GB1288T-UQ bass cabinets.


The SHUTTLE®  MAX 9.2 is also the introduction of the 2nd generation of the SHUTTLE®             MAX design which incorporates our new proprietary 3DPM™. This 3 Dimensional Power Management technology insures more solid output with increased heft and girth of the individual notes, while maintaining the articulation and dynamics of the note. The result is a 900 watt bass amp that weights only 7 lbs yet achieves the 3 dimensional tone and feel, like an all tube power amp design.


The powerhouse behind the Shuttle®  MAX 9.2 is our Class D amplifier and SMPS module, enhanced with our Patent Pending P.H.A.T. (Proprietary Heat Abatement Technology) topology. This delivers robust and reliable, high output performance in a tremendously compact and convenient package.


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